How to Save Money on Electricity Bill? Going Green, Going Solar

The biggest New Year mantra or resolution for 2019 is savings. With the downturn economic conditions, one should be prepared for the worst. So how can we prepare ourselves and harp on our Mantra “Savings”. How can one save using Sun as the source?

The advice from savings gurus on savings is, one should keep at least 6 months of monthly income in savings. Do we all do it, most of us don’t? Many of us live paycheck to paycheck. That is a reality. So how can we turn around and make a change in our lives and how can we save better. Here are the steps.

The all-powerful sun is gracious enough to give un-drainable solar energy. Mankind has found ways to harness that energy into heat and electricity.

How exactly can one save money on electricity by using solar power? Like any home project, Solar power for Homes is fun and exciting to do. More than being fun and exciting all members of the family can participate, it is a good way to introduce alternate renewable energy to school and college kids at home.

Solar power for Homes
Go green go solar | Solar power for Homes

There are various flavors of home solar project one can undertake. The best way is to start small. Small but definitely adds a lot of value.

  • Some examples of starting small are:
  • Replace conventional power for a computer to use solar energy
  • Replace charging your batteries to use solar power.
  • Replace your sign boards lighting with solar power.

Small projects include the use of solar startup kits which are available from $100 through $1000.

Using portable solar panels for powering up RVs, boats, computers, garden lights is the next step in your solar power journey.

Once you are comfortable and had initial success in harnessing solar power, one can jump into bigger projects like making the entire house go solar using solar panels and solar shingles (roofs made up of solar).

It is evident and proven that by harnessing more and more solar power for our needs we can reduce or completely eliminate our electricity bill and also add value to our ecosystem of going green.

Need more motivation, know that the United States government offers a lot of incentive programs and rebate programs to consumers to seriously consider solar power at all levels for their home.

Check out the informative website about Home Solar Power that can jump-start your quest about Going solar for your own home.

Go Solar and feel proud and benefited from it. Good Luck!